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Nigerian politicians are forced to use hospitals they would put in order, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
#CoronavirusNigeria (COVID-19) In the Corridors of Irony. Image credit: see signature

#CoronavirusNigeria (COVID-19): In the Corridors of Irony

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has once again exposed the shambolic state of the healthcare sector in Nigeria and what might happen to leaders should they continue to ignore the sector: they will have to be admitted in hospitals they have obdurately refused to fund properly – hospitals creaking with state-of-the-failure facilities.

Although President Muhammadu Buhari is said to have tested negative to coronavirus, it has not mitigated mordant jibes at his expense, with many asking when he would begin his next medical trip.

Countries out there, including Britain, the president’s preferred medical tourism destination, are on lockdown. Nigerian leaders who have tested positive can’t leave the country…

Hopefully when the pandemic is over, our rulers back here in Nigeria will understand the vitality of having a vibrant health sector, and put that sector in order.

Hopefully. We watch and wait.

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