#DailyGarlicWithJohnAnusie (14) 29.06.2020

Dadiyata and the Decline of Our Democracy

It is almost a year now since Abubakar Idris, also known as Dadiyata, was abducted by unknown gunmen in Kaduna. A police report indicated he was returning home at 1 am, when the gunmen abducted him in his BMW.

Neither the man nor his vehicle has been found. 

At the outset, the SSS was suspected to have taken him for questioning. The police were equally suspected. Both denied knowledge of his whereabouts, leaving the public to clutch at, well, nothing.

The nature of his disappearance suggests, however, that the security agencies are privy to it, and I think they are, however loud and pompous their denials. I also think he is still alive.

Prior to his disappearance, he was a strident critic of governments of Kaduna and Kano states. And then he had vanished. Disappeared without trace. Abducted. No contact has been made with his family demanding ransom or any form of gratification. All the abductors wanted was the man, and they got him.

Government critic Dadiyata missing
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Of course they took his vehicle with them, as the vehicle would have clued the public in on what happened the night of his abduction.

Well, we need not look too far to piece this little puzzle together. A look into history, into the psychology of the police state, will give us all the clues we need to unravel this. Communist USSR is the ultimate agency for the unraveling, if you please…

You may want to check out how (some of) the critics of Joseph Stalin vanished one after the other. Now look at what happened to Dadiyata, the nature of his abduction — patently Gestapo.

At the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist, I yet hold that the security agencies are privy to the disappearance of this millennial, and I call on them to free him now.

Are we in a communist state? On paper, no. but we can’t be said to be running a democracy, either. Ours is a democracy by name and only by name – not by principle. Day after day, we witness the degradation of democratic ideals. And I doubt this tragedy will end anytime soon.

Free Dadiyata!

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