#DailyGarlicWithJohnAnusie (6) 03.06.2020

COVID-19 and the Power Puzzle in Nigeria

The Puzzle of power supply in Nigeria, detailed

Epileptic power supply has long been recognized as one of Nigeria’s challenges as a nation. This challenge has been a source of chagrin to many out there, businesses and individuals.

It was a source of headache for me, too, once upon a time. But that’s by the way.

In this COVID-19 era, however, I have noticed something remarkable. You might want to hear it. Come with me, then, if you please…

On a scale of 0 to 100, pre COVID-19, I would rate the power supply at my current location in Nigeria at 85%. Not bad, you might say. To your verdict I can only nod in approbation. The percentage is pretty decent, especially when paired with power supply in other locations in Nigeria.

We are in the era of coronavirus, as you probably know, an era of soul-stopping uncertainty, upheaval. But contrary to my initial fears and permutations, power supply hasn’t dipped. Not at all.

On the contrary, believe me, in this COVID-19 era, I have noticed a remarkable spike in power supply in my current location. Right now, I can declaim without fear of conviction for mendacity that power supply is close to 92%. O boy, light dey!

For one who has worked remotely for almost two years now, one considers this the ultimate benediction.

In the past, I had my laptops perennially plugged in their charging docks. Now I don’t even bother charging until the battery signals turn red, for I know power will be restored within an hour after a cut — at most two hours.

What is happening, really? What are the power boys — you may say PHEDC — doing now that they could not have done before the coronavirus pandemic? Will this “power full” victory last? Will power supply dip after our salvation from coronavirus?

Questions. Questions. Questions. If you can, my people, help me present these questions to the minister of power.

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