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Nigeria: The Trouble with Our Politics

Nigeria: The Trouble with Our Politics
Source: Aljazeera

A couple of bullets through the head and the aspirant for political office rests in pieces with his dreams and ambitions. You, fellow Nigerians, are witnesses to this tragedy — reluctant witnesses, obviously, like me.

In another scenario, it is the one who already has a political office that is shot and killed to stop him from retaining it in an election. This is the situation on the ground in Nigeria, patently morbid.

Has it ever occurred to you why some members of Nigeria’s ruling class are supremely ready to kill and maim, to mortgage their people to destitution, in order to clinch or retain political office?

Whoever nurses a truly altruistic spirit, and wants to serve his people, goes about his plans without the ancillary thews of Fagins and wild yahoos…

It stands to reason that anyone who is ready to kill and provoke anomie in order to grab or retain political power is only out to serve his interests and not those of the power…

The Meijis… the Lee Kuan Yews… where do we find them? How can we find them and retain them?

Nigeria’s political orbit, as Dele Olojede had observed in 1987, is an acerbic minefield. I take the liberty to add that it is the mausoleum of reason as well, allergic to merit, rapaciously sucking its finest eggs.

It might sound absurd, but the reality is that Nigeria is probably the only country in the world today where a man leaves office after four or eight years, a billionaire. I have said this before, but it bears repeating.

With this troubling reality, the reality that you can make money quickest or steal it without consequence as a political office holder, many aspire to political office and do anything and everything to get it. Are you surprised, then, that we are being ruled by a riotous orchestra of empty heads?

Are you aware that we might be ruled by this benighted collective for a very long time? Are you aware that most Nigerians are gasping on the breadline? Are you aware that privation erodes a man’s moral compass or eviscerates it altogether? Are you aware a lack of moral compass makes a man susceptible to venality?

Are you aware a people in the maws of venality are pervious to the chicaneries of the larcenous collective in power and the larcenous throng seeking power?

Are you with me on this… are you seeing the trouble with our politics? You’re welcome.


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